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No Salesperson concept

Our concept is simple. Just You with over 20 mattresses with proper information displayed to try out at your own pace, with no pressure, no staring and no upsell. 


Lower prices

Because we don't have any Sales person, you will find lower prices on all of our mattresses across the board. 

Free delivery

We offer Free delivery and haul away on all floored mattresses.


You can always


We get it, it's a "wierd" concept. 

But, we truly believe in innovation, change and new concepts. 

As a customer you spend 30% of your life on a mattress, and it is truly a private experience, our hopes are that when you shop at our place, you can do it comfortably and without anybody pressuring you.  Of course if at any moment you need help, you can always call or text us. 

                       -We hope you enjoy your own private experience. 

                                                                     Sleep Better Mattress Team 

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