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Delivery & Haul Away 

We believe in a full experience when shopping for a mattress, which is why we decided we were going to deliver for free and take your old mattress.* 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

When Purchasing a new mattress

Your purchase if above $398 qualifies for a free delivery and haul away. This means we will deliver your new mattress and haul away your old mattress free of charge. 

  • We do ask that you clear the way for the new mattress and remove the old mattress to make things easier and reduce our risk of damaging any items along the way. 

  •  The mattress being removed must be in a sanitary condition. Please note that for the safety of our employees, we will not remove mattresses with bio-hazards such as blood, urine, feces or signs of infestation.

Comfort Exchange 

A comfort exchange is part of guarantee. Since we are providing a service, we do charge a delivery and pick up fee for our service. You will be responsible for any difference above and beyond the amount of your credit once you make your mattress exchange. There will be a standard delivery fee of $99. Law tags must be attached to the original merchandise and the mattress must be in a sanitary condition; clean, free of tears, burns, and stains of any kind. 

Why is my mattress not being delivered for free?*

We minimize all our costs in order to pass them onto our customers. When your purchase is under $398 it increases our labor costs and resources, thus not being able to maintain our business model.

  • Our delivery fee is only $58 which is less than what our competition charges (yes we checked) 

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