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The Freaking Flags

What was once a daunting task came to become a morning routine to appreciate.

Since we opened we decided to put out these flags, like I had at my old job. Main purpose of course is to attract customers. I had always seen it as a daunting task and hated it at my old job. Every morning...the freaking flags. Come closing time... the freaking flags! The freaking flags, again and again. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even take them out until way later in the day. It even became a waiting game to see who would end up doing it. With this new (own) venture, I now understand the significance of these flags. The flags represent more than just an advertising tool. They symbolize hard work, letting go of fear, and the constant reminder that these flags are worthy of time and effort. Because you’re not just doing it for your business. You are doing it to show your customers and your family that you care.

It took me so long to finally create what I had always dreamed of. Fear and judgment were always glooming over me. What would people say? What if I fail? Yet, I was so sick of taking out the flags for someone else. Now, these flags mean a new day, full of challenges and possibilities. They signify the positive attitude towards your business, the hard work and the hope that if one person sees them and walks in, it was well worth it. I certainly see challenges coming and sometimes I worry as to how to be better, on how will I continue with the same grit day after day. How can employees can do better and provide more for their families, and how can we provide better customer satisfaction and ultimately grow! I realized the flags should’ve been the least of my worries and that taking them out was just the beginning of possibilities. The freaking flags are now my beautiful morning routine to growth. I love mattresses and hope to serve more and more people over the years. Keep your head up and take that leap!

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