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1051 Humble Place El pasot Tx. 79915

Pay less for comfortable, top quality mattress. All with great warranties and even better customer service. Name brands also available 


Bionic- $198 Queen
$128 Twin, $158 Full, $299 King

Simple coil mattress, nothing fancy. at 6"

Sleep Sensation ESPT - Corner.jpg

Sensation PT- $298 Queen
$228 Twin, $268 Full, $498 King

Pillow top mattress with a firm top. Perfect for back sleepers or children at 9"

Sleep Paradise PT - Corner.jpg

Paradise PT- $398 Queen
$298 Twin, $348 Full, $598 King

Pillow top plush mattress with a nice smooth top. This mattress is perfect for motels, side sleepers and children at 10"

Financing available through our partners

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Koalafi Graphic.jpg
Posture Float ESPT - Corner.jpg

Posture PT- $498 Queen
$398 Twin, $358 Full, $698 King

Mattress with a super soft feeling with several layers of foam &visco gel. Perfect for a spare bedr at 11"

Ocean Rest Plush - Corner.jpg

Ocean Rest - $598 Queen
$498 Twin, $548 Full, $798 King

Medium/Plush mattress with cooling technology, memory  foam and lumbar support. Perfect for newly-weds or starters at 12"

Edge S3000 Xtra Firm - Corner.jpg

Xtra Firm 3000- $698 Queen
$598 Twin, $658 Full, $898 King

12" Extra Firm Mattress with cooling technology and center Lumbar Support. With extra edge support, great option for back sleepers.

50% OFF  Floor Models


And many more available

1051 Humble Place
El Paso Tx 79915
Mon- Sat 10-6PM
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